Four Songs

by The Old Sins

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released February 16, 2010



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The Old Sins Edmonton

Edmonton Alberta's working class songsmiths with spirited songs of hope, humour, and determination; The Old Sins are a rollicking, snarly voiced and soulful, guitar driven rock and roll band. Songwriter Ben Olson's lyrical folk-song sensibilities are imbued with punk rock exuberance, country and blues harmonies, and creative melody making. ... more

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Track Name: These Homesick Songs
These Homesick Songs

It's 3 am in the dark of night, so I put my mind to work cause it's time to ride
gotta make it home before it gets light, so I can crawl in bed beside my wife
3 hours left on this dark highway, with only snow drift to light my way
My eye's are weak and my body's tired just a few more miles just a few more miles

Cause you can't fight dreams and you can't fight love, but to see em' both through is hard enough
Been on the road for so damn long with the radio playin' these homesick songs

This is the life I chose to live so one more day I gotta give, with plenty more miles that I've gotta go, tell this yellow line takes me home
This is the life I chose to live the road is now my cruel mistress, no matter where I have to roam, I will always make my way back home

I can see the haze of the city lights, welcoming me back again this time
her cracked sidewalks and city streets, call my name like a steady heart beat
been 46 hours since I slept last, I wanna feel my bed against my back
I wanna see my wife smile so wide, cause when I left I seen her cry

Cause you can't fight dreams and you can't fight love, but to see em' both through is hard enough
Been on the road for so damn long, with the radio playin' these homesick songs
Track Name: Better Days
Better Days

I try an wade through the waters so deep, but I just keep sinking with every move it seems,
I try get up just to fall back down, maybe it's time I stop, and see where I am bound

Don't wait for me, don't wait for me
I'm to drunk now and I'll never make it home
Just lie to me, just lie to me
say it's alright and your fine on your own
Don't let me see, don't let me see
those tears if they fall I just don't wanna know
Cause I try and be,cause I try and be
The man you deserve but most times I'm a fool
Track Name: Six String Dreams
Six String Dreams

Thank you boy's for all those times, I wouldn't be who I am now with out that life
I know your mad and that's okay, I'd be mad to if it was me in your place
But my time is up and I've got to go, turns out I gotta do this on my own
So thank you boy's for all those time

Like that time I fell flat, flat upon my face cause I got to drunk at 10 am
we we're climbing rocks along the beach and I broke two fingers and could barely play bass
Or like that time we got so high, wondered off into the woods adventures on our mind
I'm so surprised we came back alive, hanging out by water falls in the middle of the night

I was living day to day, I was chasing dreams with only six strings

Or like that time we got chased, chased by the cops, for drinkin' with those Aussies along the roof tops
Sneaking though alleys tryin' to get away, hiding out in bathrooms in hotels we never paid
Or like that time that Peter Munro died, it was the same night we played our last goodbye
and at the funeral we seen what we missed, the Peter we knew was not the same kid
Track Name: That's Fine With Me
That's Fine With Me

People tell me this will be nothing, I say that's fine with me
I'm gonna play this guitar tell the day I die no matter how long that maybe
Cause I know where I've been I know what I've done and I know what i've got to say
And I don't worry much about how this will end I just play cause I love to play
So I thank my friends for puttin' up with me no matter how bad I ever got
Cause I've been down that road one or twice, man they've seen that face alot
And I thank my wife for loving me no matter who I ever was
cause it'd make your toes curl my friend if ya knew some shit I done

Gonna take my time right to the end
tell what to do, I just don't listen
think of me what you will it don't matter to me
I've done my way for so long now, I can't look back untell I'm 6 feet down

I can't look back I'm to far in and that's where I wanna be
I'm a slave to my own devices now cause there all that I can see
So I'll pick myself up as many times as it's gotta be
And I'll dust myself off untell I'm the very dust I see
So when I'm dead and gone to those ashes that I'll be
Just pick me up and carry me to the waters in the sea
Drop me in and let me go but please don't cry for me
Just wear a smile a pawn your face cause I'm where I wanna be